Getting to know you! - Lia Salvo

5 Minutes and 10 Questions with Lia Salvo, One of the Top Professional Lady Players in the World

Q1: How did you first get in to Polo?

I started playing polo because of my dad, Hector.  He was 6 goals, but not a professional polo player. He’s always been a big fan of horses and it rubbed off on me. 

Q2: Favourite Polo Event in the world?

St Moritz snow polo (although I have never been, I have always dream about it, so hoppefully one day!) 

Q3: Your top 3 items to take in your luggage when travelling?

My sunscreen, my whites and my La Martina polo boots with silicon protection padding

Q4: Best advice any one ever gave you?

My dad always used to say to me, "work to be the best one, but never think that you are", and "the more I practice, the luckier I get."

Q5:  Your moto to live by?

Do more of what you love, do more of the things that make you happy. 

Q6: Your favourite La Martina piece?

My La Martina boots with white silicon protection - not only do they look really smart, they really protect me while I'm playing!

Q7: Your dream holiday destination?

My farm in Argentina 

Q8: Favourite Polo Club?

Santa María in Sotogrande 

Q9: Favourite Polo Pony?

Malapata Anni 

Q10: In 5 year’s time I would like to be……… (finish this sentence!)

...still playing polo, with hopefully maybe 1 or 2 children of my own! Spending six months of the year in Europe and the other six in Argentina. That would be just perfect!


Thank you Lia Salvo, you are an inspiration and we enjoyed getting to know you!



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