Q: What is the shipping time?

A: For all orders within the UK, shipments are sent out express for next day delivery.  Shipments in to the EU and ROW depend on any local customs delays, but all international deliveries are always sent express and we aim to deliver (wherever possible) within 3-5 working days.

Q: How do I measure my head for a polo helmet?

In order to determine the size you need, you can measure the circumference of your head. Simply wrap a measuring tape around your head, being sure to locate the tape just above your ears and keeping the tape level front to back. You should always wear the helmet positioned low enough in the front to protect your forehead, but not so low that it hinders your vision.  When you receive your helmet, please be sure to adjust it at the back two points on the nape of the neck as well as under the chin to prevent tipping and to check the fit before you wear and play in it.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes we do, but some destinations (Argentina, Russia, etc) may take longer or may need further documentation in order to successfully deliver your item.  We will contact you following your order if any further information is required relating to your location and we will offer any support needed to deliver your goods.

Q: I am in the EU and have been asked to pay additional customs duties and taxes to receive my shipment. Is this correct?

A: Yes.  The shipping charge you pay at checkout is only for your freight, and you will be asked to pay the % of local taxes and duties relevant to your country when it lands.  Since the UK’s departure from the EU a year ago, we kindly remind our EU customers that we are shipping from the UK and therefore there will be this extra charge to receive your goods.   Please also see our ‘note to all EU customers’ at the top of our landing page.

Q: If I have spent enough to qualify for free shipping, what does this cover?

A: Customers who spend over a certain threshold qualify for free shipping as a thank you for their order.  Please kindly note that this covers the cost of freight only (defined as: the physical act of moving the goods from our warehouse and delivering them to the receiving customer's country).  The cost of import taxes and customs duties always remain the responsibility of the receiving customer, whether they qualify for free shipping or not.  The free freight threshold varies according to the country receiving the order. 

Q: Do you offer polo boots with different calf sizes?

A: At the moment, we only stock a regular calf.  If you have a specific request please contact us directly on support.tech@lamartina.eu.  We will look to expand our range of boots in the coming months.

Q: What foot size are your boots available in?

A: we stock boots from size 36 up to 46.

Q: How does the sizing of your polo white jeans work?

A: Jeans are listed according to the waist size in inches.  We have men’s cut and ladies cut.  There are not individual leg lengths to choose from, but please note that as the waist size increases the leg length slightly increases too. The style is designed to be quite high waisted with a narrow leg, to fit within polo boots. If in doubt size up, as the sizing tends to run small and we find most customers prefer a larger more comfortable fit.


Q: What is your refund and exchange policy?

You can refund or exchange your item within 30 days of the purchase date, returning it to the warehouse address included in your shipment paperwork. Please note that all returns and exchanges are at a customer’s own cost, unless the item is found to be faulty.  We can provide a quote for sending out a courier to collect it on a set day approved by yourself, or you can alternatively arrange to return it yourself by another means e.g. within the UK Royal Mail.  Within the UK, Royal Mail can often offer a more economical service than a courier.

Q: Do I have to order a headband with my helmet?

A: Yes.  Each helmet shell is sold with a headband included in the package.  It is not possible for us to ship a helmet shell without a headband as it will not be safe to wear.  Please always indicate your headband size when you choose your shell size and colour.  If you do not indicate your headband, we will contact you before we dispatch the helmet to ascertain your headband size and will not ship your helmet to you until this has been confirmed.

Q: I fell off in my La Martina helmet, but I can’t see any external damage. Do I need to replace it?

A: We always recommend that anyone who has suffered a fall should replace their helmet.  Although there is sometimes little or no external damage, this does not guarantee that there has been no internal structural damage to the shell.   We are not able to accept back helmets that have been worn in a fall in order to test for damage, we recommend automatically replacing it.

Q: How does the shell size and headband size work in the helmets?

Please choose a shell size first, and then choose your headband size as follows:

Medium Shell:

56cm (6⅞) headband

57cm (7) headband

58cm (7⅛) headband

59cm (7¼) headband

Large Shell:

60cm (7⅜) headband

61cm (7½) headband

62cm (7⅝) headband (62 for Armis only)


Q: I received my item but it is marked/damaged/not what I was expecting.  What shall I do?

A: All of our items are quality checked before they leave our warehouse and we pride ourselves on the quality and finish provided.  However, if you have received an item and are not 100% happy with it, please email us in the first instance on support.tech@lamartina.eu with photos of the damage or marks and we will work with you to find a solution.

Q: Is there somewhere I can visit to try on the boots/helmets/whites to check that they fit before I place an order?

A: Within the UK, customers can visit our flagship polo store at Guards Polo Club, which sells our full range of technical stock.  It is located at: Guards Polo Club, Smith’s Lawn, Windsor Great Park, Egham, Surrey, SL5 0PT (entrance via Blacknest Gate) +44 (0)1784 437962 email guards@lamartina.eu  Please note that this is a seasonal store and is only open with the UK polo season which runs from April – September each year.  For bespoke winter shopping appointments, we can open the store upon request, please email tech.support@lamartina.eu to arrange a time and day.

Q: I have a discount code.  Is it valid also within your stores?

A: Discount codes provided to our online customers are unique to our online store and can not be redeemed in any of our stores.

Q: I am a student.  Do you offer student discounts?

A: Yes we do.  Please email us at tech.support@lamartina.eu to inform us about your club and it’s activities and we can release a discount code to you

Q: I am in the UK.  What La Martina helmet can I wear which is approved by the HPA?

A: You will need to wear a Windsor helmet or an Armis helmet, which come with a CE Mark, Kitemarked to PAS015:2011, VG1 01.040 2014-12 and certified to ASTM F1163:04a.  They are both listed on the HPA’s list of approved helmets for use within the UK

Q: I am in the USA.  Do you have a helmet certified to NOCSAE standard?

A: We are releasing our new Vera NOCSAE standard helmet in early 2022 for our USA customers.  Please watch this space for further information!