Roda Polo Chaps

SKU: 7613431421936

$80 $100

Traditional riding chaps reinvented!  Designed with both horse polo and e-ewheel polo in mind, La Martina's signature silicon patches have been inserted at the calf and the ankle for high impact protection right where it matters.  The suede material is hard wearing and durable, with tough velcro fastenings and comes in a range of colours.

This product can be worn over jodhpur boots and offers an easy on-the-go alternative to traditional polo boots. Requires no breaking in, the Roda Polo Chaps are flexible and ready to wear and are particularly useful for those starting out in the sport of polo who want protection without the expense of leather polo boots. One size, fits children through to small adults.

Branded with the Roda Polo logo, the world leader in e-wheel polo.

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