Getting to know you! - Dr Andreas Kruger

5 minutes and 10 Questions with Andreas Kruger, aka 'PoloDoc', a Swiss Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon specialising in Polo

Q1: How did you first get in to Polo?

In 2013 Reto Gaudenzi called me and asked me to be the Medical Partner and Tournament Doctor at the first Polo World Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan.  And that was the very start of it! Since childhood I was always involved in equine sports through my family, so I was happy to hear from Reto!

Q2: Favourite Polo Event in the world?

Definitely the Snow Polo in St Moritz – polo on a frozen lake in the most glamourous surroundings with the most glamourous people.  What’s not to love?!

Q3: Your top 3 items to take in your luggage when travelling?

My PoloDoc ‘First Help Kit’ (which contains pain killers, antibiotics, wound care), Leatherman tool and a notebook

Q4: Best advice any one ever gave you? 

Look for new paths and do the extraordinary.  Don’t follow the paths of others.

Q5: Your moto to live by?

Speed is my passion, and quality is my love

Q6: Your favourite La Martina piece?

La Martina gillet – such a useful extra layer, it doesn’t restrict me when I’m working and I have an extra layer of warmth which is very important in some of the places I work!

Q7: Your dream holiday destination?


Q8: What injuries do you see most commonly in polo?

The injuries of the upper extremity are most common after a fall.  The most annoying injuries are haematomas caused by impact – they are small but are can stop play

Q9: How do you think polo has changed in the last 5 years, and what would you like to see change in the future?

As in every other sport, the speed of play is increasing.  Luckily the HPA and other polo governing bodies have a good eye for improving safety levels accordingly.  Also the most influential team captains of the most important polo teams in the world have finally recognised that injuries can indeed stop them from winning and so they are choosing to wear more safety equipment (goggles, elbow guards).  It is a big step for the sport that players are investing in extra pieces of equipment to prevent injury, if they are out and injured it is not good for the players, the teams, or the sport.  Prevention is always better than cure! Better safe than sorry!

Q10: In 5 year’s time I would like to be……… (finish this sentence!)

A global polo nomad!

Thank you Andi Kruger, 'PoloDoc' - we enjoyed getting to know you!



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