Getting to Know You! - Abi Hancock

5 minutes and 10 Questions with Abi Hancock, Professional Polo Photographer, 'The Art of Polo'


Q1: How did you first get in to Polo?

I grew up in polo. Both of my parents played so I grew up at the side of a pitch!

Q2: Favourite Polo Event in the world?

La Dofinita, kids tournament

Q3: Your top 3 items to take in your luggage when travelling?

My cameras, my laptop and throws to make anywhere we are feel like home.

Q4: Best advice any one ever gave you?

It’s a long story but the take away piece of advice was given to me by Snoopy: ‘do what you have been asked to do but do it your way so you don’t compromise your moral compass’.

Q5:  Your moto to live by?

Love what you do. 

Q6:  Your favourite La Martina piece?

I love the Quinceanera coat (and I’ve got my eye on the Qyra!)  The new elbow guards are also fab - they're being worn a lot during the UK arena season and the green and black 'pops' really well in photos!

Q7: Your dream holiday destination?

I don’t remember the last time I went on holiday. Whenever I travel, I’m working. Probably a dude ranch!

Q8: Favourite Polo Club?

They all have their charms but if I had to choose it would be Guards just because of the family memories over the past 40 something years and Black Bears for the great atmosphere and people.

Q9: Favourite Polo Pony?

Again, I can’t pick just one. I love Simba, Ollie Cudmore’s gelding from Lovelocks. I love Corbalan, Henry Porter’s legendary grey. And Chavo del Ocho, a chilean / thoroughbred mix that I brought over and played in England and now lives in Milan!

Q10: In 5 year’s time I would like to be……… (complete this sentence)

…still doing what I love!

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