English Pro Saddle

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Made in the UK, La Martina's English Pro saddle uses wool flocked panels with a total saddle weight of 6kg (+/- 0.25kg). Available in a range of finishes in either full suede or flaps in leather. Sizes come in 17, 18 and 19 Inch with a narrow fit tailored for throughbred polo ponies. Made in Walsall, England, the home of saddle making ensures to achieve a high quality of workmanship through setting standards to give our customers a professional and quantified service.This level of quality continues to carry these standards through build, repair & fit, and to work towards the complete comfort and safety of horse and rider. Designed in partnership with Seabiscuit Studio

Peter Webb -Professional Polo Player - Product Testimonial:

A great saddle for all levels, this will suit both pros and patrons. A lot of time and thought has been put into the design and production I myself was involved in the product testing process in the arena and was able to provide my comments and feedback. It's so important in this sport to have a lightweight quality saddle that can comfortably fit a range of different ponies in your string.

Jamie Le Hardy -Professional Polo Player - Product Testimonial:

The La Martina saddle is a beautifully hand-crafted saddle; the gullet design and flocked panels allow the horse to move freely and the seat puts you in a secure balanced position for hitting. It's super lightweight too and oozes quality.

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