Armis VERA Polo Helmet

SKU: 7613431414242

£400 £650

The Armis Vera Helmet meets NOCSAE POLO safety standards for the USA market and offers a superb level of protection with its next-generation Viconic Sporting impact liner and strong Spread Tow Carbon fabric outer shell for increased crush and penetration resistance. The Viconic Sporting impact liner absorbs energy from both high and low-velocity impacts and multiple impact scenarios commonly seen on the polo field.

Product features include:

  • Modern innovative polo helmet combined with the slick Armis Peak
  • Next-generation Viconic Sporting impact liner
  • Spread Tow Carbon fabric outer shell
  • Six ventilation holes
  • Four-point crossover harness
  • Washable and replaceable luxury cushioned headband
  • Meets multiple safety standards, including NOCSAE
  • Choice of 4 hi-tech finishes

This world class helmet is a collaboration between 3 top equestrian helmet brands - Armis, La Martina, and Charles Owen - and brings to market the best skills, expertise and safety standards available today.

British designed and British produced. 

Suitable for all players in the USA.

View the Armis VERA press release HERE


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