Getting to know you! - Ebe Sievwright

5 minutes and 10 Questions with Ebe Sievwright, Director at Guards Polo Academy 


Q1: How did you first get in to Polo?

I came to an inter-regimental game at Guards to watch Marcus Keane and Christopher LeHardy playing for my father’s regiment the 13th/18th Royal Hussars - A long time ago! Then I started playing at Tidworth and with the pony club.

Q2: Favourite Polo Event in the world?

St. Moritz is an incredible spectacle… but for pure polo it’s got to be the Argentine Open and the Queen’s and Gold Cup here in the UK.

Q3: Your top 3 items to take in your luggage when travelling?

Headphones... A copy of ‘The Week’ and my La Martina Chilly water bottle

Q4: Best advice any one ever gave you?

I was thinking of staying in Los Angeles and building my polo club and a clothing brand there but had a possible opportunity here with Guards and it was in fact Robin Louvarnij of Polo Escape who told me that "All roads lead to Guards” so I did it. Not only was I able to build this amazing academy but also start this relationship with La Martina - both of which I’m very proud.

Q5: Your moto to live by?

Not sure I have one… Live and let live? 

Q6: Your favourite La Martina piece?

My boots are superb…they have lasted me for years and are very comfortable. The kneepads are great too.

Q7: Your dream holiday destination?

Well Mongolia was exceptional…but if it’s one that I haven’t been to before then it would have to be Bariloche in Argentina

Q8: Favourite Polo Club?

Guards…obvio!…after that then St Tropez is an incredible club

Q9: Favourite Polo Pony?

My first horse – ‘Blue’, sold to me by Grant Barker

Q10: In 5 year’s time I would like to be……… (finish this sentence!)

Doing just what I’m doing now…guiding people into and through this incredible sport of polo


Thanks Ebe Sievwright, Director at Guards Polo Academy!  We enjoyed getting to know you!



About the Guards Academy:

Whether learning to ride and play polo for the very first time, or taking your skills to the next level through practice games and chukkas, Guards Polo Academy offers a diverse range of options through which to enjoy the challenges of the world’s oldest, most graceful and exhilarating sport.

Set in 240 acres of stunning parkland, Dorchester Collection’s Coworth Park Country House Hotel and Spa provides the ideal venue for the ultimate polo experience – a peerless blend of Coaching and Hospitality.

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